Client Feedback

Posted by: Daniel, 2010-06-24.

Alex was very thorough and detail oriented–keeping me informed at every step of the process.  He is very knowledgeable at what he does.
Exceptional, outstanding, brilliant, incomparable service.

Posted by: Christine, 2010-06-24.

Mr. Van Broek provided my family with not only with his excellent legal expertise but suggested solutions to help the family heal and mend after having a traumatic experience.  He work diligently on our case for 2 years without asking for anything in return.  He is a kind, caring man and I would recommend him highly.

Posted by: Pierre, 2010-06-22.

I think the preparation Alex put into my case was amazing.  His compassion during my time of need was outstanding.  He always kept me focused even when I began to doubt my own cause.  He explained the process and I was well aware of how long things would take.  He was honest with me and provided me all the pros and cons of my case. …But most of all I have to say the most comforting thing was that I truly felt that Alex believed in me as I did in him.
A Lawyer Who Will FIGHT for YOU

Posted by:  a Personal Injury Client, 2010-06-16.

Mr. Van Broek helped me keep my sanity during a lawsuit with an employer while I was employed with same employer.  He was a professional with a compassionate mindset who kept me focused.  I highly recommend Mr. VanBroek.

Posted by: Shrikant, 2010-06-16.

Sandy can make opponents run in circles.  He grasps the essence of a conflict so well that he is able to bring up all the arguments which make for success and then makes a logical and clear presentation.  Sandy not only impressed me with his ability but he did make a lasting impression on my opponent.  They noticed that he made their lawyers run in circles and countered their every position, So when they had another conflict, they chose Sandy to handle their case even though he was the one who represented my case against them which they lost.   As a person, he is forthright and does not mince words.  Very professional. Helpful.  Can become a good friend.  I recommend him highly.

Posted by: Julius, 2010-06-16.

Alexander really cared about my situation and was very truthful.  He made it clear what I need to do and what he can do for me.  His passion to find the truth on my behalf was impressive and his passion for the law was inspirational.  He has a firm grasp of his conviction in regards to my case and this translated to ownership and dedication.  He always kept me updated and use example to explain the extent of work and labor laws.