Resume & Education

Law Office of Alexander G. van Broek
San Francisco – Oakland Bay Area
1982 – Present

I have run my civil law litigation practice since 1982, specializing in employment and labor law on behalf of employees.  My cases have included claims for wage and hour violations, minimum wage and overtime, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, defamation, invasion of privacy,  breach of contract, civil rights violations, ERISA claims for unpaid pension and long term disability benefits.  My cases have also included personal injury tort claims, and business torts.

My litigation experience includes civil trials, arbitration, federal and state appeals, administrative hearings and mediation.  I also provide mediation services to parties before and during litigation.  I have appeared before California Courts of Appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, United States District Court in the Northern and Central Districts, California Superior Courts, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, the United States Department of Labor, the Merit Systems Protection Board, the National Association of Securities Dealer (now FINRA), and the American Arbitration Association.   

On behalf of my clients I have filed lawsuits in court and in arbitration, and administrative claims, against the following employers or disability plans (partial list):

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, The Permanente Medical Group, Shields Harper & Company, Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc., Denny’s, Inc., Blackhawk Information Services, Inc., City of Berkeley, Alameda County Medical Center,  Downtown Auto Center, East Bay Conservation Corp., The May Department Stores Company, KSL Claremont Resort, Inc., Adhesives Coating Company, Cinder Block, Inc., Douglas Parking LLC, Barber Auto Sales, Inc., Seagate Technology, San Francisco Printing Company, The Altenheim, Inc., La Tapatia Norcal, Inc., Tosco Refining Company, Inc., Wedbush Morgan Securities, Inc., Monex Deposit Company, H & R Block, San Pablo Casino, The Nicest Guys Around, Inc., Providian Financial Corporation, Tempcare LLC, Life Insurance Company of North American dba Cigna Disability Management Solutions, Ex’pression Center For New Media, Inc., The Picture People, Inc., Penhall Company.

Law Office of Silver & Siegel
1182 Market Street, San Francisco, California.

Law clerk in federal civil rights and discrimination cases, performing legal research and statistical analysis.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
San Francisco, California

Computer systems analysis and programming, supervising a team of four programmers, to provide analysis of employment records in two major race discrimination class actions.

Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst
San Francisco, California

Beginning in 1963, I worked as a computer software consultant, programmer and analyst on micro and mainframe computers for users in law, insurance, manufacturing, shipping and health care.  Experience includes supervision of programmers and staff in complex commercial projects.  My clients include United California Bank, California Dental Service, California State Automobile Association, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Decca Survey Systems, Electronic Tabulating Service, Life Equity Insurance, Bechtel Corporation, State Compensation Insurance Company, Crocker Bank, Pacific Far East Lines, Fibreboard Corporation, Foremost-McKesson, California Pellet Mills, Wells Fargo Bank, United States Shipping, California Physicians Service,  and Bank of America.

Background and Education

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended high school in San Mateo, California.

B.A. Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, 1963

M.A. Psychology, San Francisco State University, 1972

J.D.  Golden Gate University, 1980

Judicial Externship to Presiding Justice Wakefield Taylor, First District, Division One, California Court of Appeal, 1978

Ombudsman Training: Ombudsman 101,  The Ombudsman Association, 2004

Mediation Training; Steven Rosenberg, Mill Valley, CA  2005


Personality Correlates of Prisoner’s Dilemma play:  Mental Abilities, MMPI and Field Independence; Alexander G. van Broek, Unpublished Master’s Thesis, San Francisco State University (1972), cited in Field Dependence and Interpersonal Behavior, H. A. Witkin and D. R. Goodenough, Educational Testing Service, Princeton N.J., Psychological Bulletin, 1977, Vol. 84, No. 4, 661-689,

Forced Early Retirement and Section 4(f)(2) of the ADEA – Discretion Allowed; Alexander van Broek, Labor Law, 9 Golden Gate U. L. Rev. (1978),