Wage and Hour Violations

Most employers are fair to their employees. They understand that the laws regarding wages, meal and break times, reimbursement, and vacation are there to protect their employees, and they happily follow them. Unfortunately, there are employers who don’t like the rules that govern employing people in the state of California. These employers may attempt to twist the law, or ignore it completely, sacrificing their employees’ rights and wellbeing in the process. If your employer is breaking any laws regarding wages or hours, you shouldn’t be made to work under those conditions. By filing a lawsuit, you cannot only get any monetary compensation your employer owes you, you can put pressure on them to follow the laws, protecting your fellow employees.

Wage and Hours Law in California

Depending on the number of hours you work per week, you are owed a certain number of break periods each workday. For an employee working an eight-hour shift, for instance, an employer is required to give the worker a 10-minute break for each fours hours, plus a 30-minute unpaid meal break.

A 40-hour week standard for full-time employees, an employer must also compensate employees at an overtime rate of one and a half times their pay rate for more than 40 hours worked, if the employee is hourly.  Employers must also pay any expenses incurred by employees in the commission of doing their jobs. While an employer does not have to pay you for your drive to and from work, for instance, they do have to pay you mileage if they send you out in the middle of your workday to run an errand.

There are many aspects to the wage and hours laws of California, including minimum wage, breaks, expenses, and the earning and paying of vacation time. If your employer is breaking any of these laws, you are owed compensation.

Employer Wage and Hour Violations Attorney in San Francisco Bay

If you have been denied breaks, denied overtime pay, have expenses unpaid by your company, or are not earning the vacation pay you are supposed to earn, you should seek justice in a court of law. Alexander van Broek has helped many employees, including those incorrectly classified as independent contractors, in getting the full benefits and compensation they are owed by their employers. Based in Oakland, he serves clients primarily in San Francisco, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County.